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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  February 28, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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the south bay hims don't often look like this but they sure did today and into tonight after hail swept through the area. the late effort on the wild weather straight ahead. >> incredible. also a deadly hit-and-run crash in san jose involving teenagers. it happened on a street neighbors say does attract racers. a live report. soccer fans got a big kick out of the san jose new stadium. why it paid to be early. good evening. i'm terry mcsceny. >> and thanks for joining us on at a special time because of the hockey game. parts of the bay area saw thunder and lightning.
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others saw high winds and stinging rain. perhaps the biggest surprise the hail. nbc bay area krichty spence is live in san jose with reaction to that. >> good evening to you. it is quite a sight. people are stopping jumping out of their cars bundled up like they're in the mountains. fwhauts that's because they want to take in this sight. it is quite a sight. on the lawn someone built this. neighbors saying they can't believe it. >> oh! ah! >> reporter: neighbors in the south bay say they've seen a wide range of weather they didn't expect. some of it create addd a winter scene outside their door. >> lightning and thunder, started to rain and then we saw this one hail. >> reporter: in the meadowlands neighborhood, kids bundled up and enjoyed what mother nature left behind. >> it's so much fun. we sometimes -- do snow angels
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and snowmans. >> reporter: lawn after lawn covered, and car windshields, too. >> it was outside. it started happening. the weather would change. i would say california weather is unpredictable. >> reporter: certainly this day was. in palo alto rain fell in the afternoon. drivers had to slow down on slick roads. in the skies, clouds and occasional rainbow. >> gorgeous. just came from home depot. it was a lot brighter. there. >> reporter: and we're back here live. the funny thing is you drive around in this neighborhood. some lawns are green and some lawn well they're covered in white like this. boy i can tell you, and it's probably pretty apparent. this bun is pretty popular. reporting live in san jose christie smith nbc bay area news. >> watch out for the flying snowballs, kristy! and the conditions here's meteorologist rob my yetieta.
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>> and the view daly city. the real eye catcher off to the east san jose where it looked like that. that photo by steve baker showing you how things looked around 3:30 this ankfternoon. notice the trend, zoom in on that one to trigger the severe thunderstorm in san mateo county. hail, from east over to west over pacifica. earlier this was the view in the hills east of san jose. again, the storm moving only five to ten miles per hour. almost a walking pace with that thunderstorm dropping heavy hail and times. enough to coat some of the hills in white. heavy hail about one to three inches deep and even if temperatures tonight are in the 40s, a lot might try melt the areas that picked up more hail up to three inches deep and some may linger into tomorrow morning. shower intensity dropping off. seeing it around caster valley4=q! and now that the sun circuits
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the atmosphere is stabilizing. no warm moist air below and cool air above. things cooling down around the bay area so showers decrease heading towards tomorrow morning. clearing skies for most of the day but there is another round of showers that son the way that might try bring more thunder to the forecast. talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> a lot to look out for. thank you, rob. more on the weather later in the news cast. also tonight at 11:00 we have full coverage online including viewer photos. this at and a major krsh shuttschmatscher crash shut down the highway. the roadway shut down between embarcadero and laura lane while they investigated. took crews more than half hour to remove the victim from the car. transported to the hospital with major injuries. the cause of the crash not
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known. the road reopened about an hour ago. a fighteror injured. this fire broke out at one of units off kim ber court in the willow glen neighborhood. flames spread from the kitchen. >> my wife and i looked outside, and looked over to this unit and smoke and fire was coming out of the roof. >> now the firefighter was injured while carrying a hose. inside would people in the apartment made it out safely. a massive fire ripped through an oakland warehouse today. the owners are looking at about a half million dollars in damage. the fire broke out this morning at the intersection of east 12th and high streets. complicating matter a lot of wood stored inside the warehouse. right now the cause is unknown. and the mother of a newborn found dead near the sacramento river is under arrest tonight in connection with the baby's death. the district attorney says the exact charges against 23-year-old samantha green have not yet been determined. green report herd son missing tuesday. his body found the next day
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under heavy brush. authorities say he died from hypothermia or drowned. a car race between suspected gang members ended in tragedy this morning. a teenage boy dead two other teens fighting for their lives in the hospital. we have the report from san jose where the crash happened. >> reporter: a small group gathered today to light candles for their 15-year-old friend killed here last night. police say he was in a car that was racing another car on hillsdale avenue in san jose. one car slammed into pole ejecting three people. >> i heard i think it was two women's voice, just screaming, wailing, to we weren't sure it was an animal or a person's voice. >> right. >> and i said i think -- i think that's -- someone in distress. >> racing around the street. >> reporter: this man called 911 and shot the video. listen closely. you see someone at the crash scene calming for his brother. police say two other teens, aboy
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and girl suffered serious injuries. they're hospitalized tonight. officers also say they suspect this was a race between gang members involving alcohol and high speed. they say the drive of the car that crashed jumped into the car he was racing and took off. neighbors say the wide streets here appear to lure racers. >> almost number three that wep have in this car now. people go through the lights sometime because they don't want to stop for the light. >> reporter: as neighbors see the shoes of the victim hanging at the crash site many hope this tragedy will prompt changes that will make these streets safer. that was nbc mary ann faber reporting. this morning's crash happened hours before a summit hosted by san jose gang prevention task force. the ultimate goal of the annual crime and prevention summit is well to fight gang violence and also cut crime numbers. the more immediate goal would to be build better relationships with the community and especially youth. the reformed gang member gave
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the keynote address. yesterday the task force took to the streets of san jose for a massive sweep making nine arrests. and coming up next remembering a million souls lost long ago, and also sharing stories of their ancestors. we'll tell you why hundreds of people did that on the golden gate bridge today. and new information on jihadi john. his road to extremism. how he ended up a front man for a terrorist organization.
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mosquitoes infected with yellow fever found in menlo park. the city is sending out crews to keep the bugs from spreading. first detected last month and capable of spreading tropical diseases and creating a health epidemic. city workers will be going door to door to look for more infected mosquitoes in the area that might attract them and asking people to keep areas
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clear of any standing water which of course can sfwurnturn into a breeding groun. and remembering those killed in armenia between 1915 and 1918. the group shared stories about ancestors before walking across the bridge in a show of community and reflection. as many as 1.5 million people were killed during what is known as the armenian genocide. to this day turkey and some historians dispute whether the widespread killings can technically be called genocide. a rowdy day of protest. [ chanting ] the anti-islam group held its first rally in britain but outnumbered by counter protestors. scuffling broke out trying to keep demonstrators away from her opposition. thousands showed up to oppose this. new castle is a few hundred
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miles north of london. new reports say the isis executioner known at jihadi john went through anger management therapy any high school and later complained of his treatment by british security. we have more on the unfolding story of the man who left london it become a terrorist. >> reporter: in e-mails from 2010 released tonight, mohammed emwazi complained of violence against him by a british security officer. he says he "throw me on to the wall" and was subject to strangling "by my neck." in high school a former teacher is quoted in a news report saying mohammed emwazi underwent anger management therapy. his university in london was according to some a hotbed of extremism. >> we've seen evidence of jihadist videos shown at the islamic at the university including those calls for the death of soldiers. >> reporter: by the time of this picture he was on the road to radicalization. he wear as pittsburgh pirates cap. it is sickening the pirates said
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in a statement to see this murderer wearing a pirates cap in this old photo. after he left university he began traveling to kuwait where some of his family members lived. kuwait has been helping the worldwide investigation into emwazi's movement. 3,400 westerners joined isis according to u.s. officials. home-grown extremists like mohammed emwazi. >> nevertheless the homegrown extremists continue to pose the most likely threat to the homeland. >> reporter: authorities say they have investigations in all 50 states. tonight one senior british lawmaker is questioning the uk's approach asking how many more people must die before we look more closely at the strat xri of our intelligence services and calling for tougher action to prevent young people from joining isis. back to you. in ukraine volunteers delivered much needed aid to an eastern town not far from the front line.
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separatists left entire neighborhoods in the town of pappanza in ruins. most of those left behind say they're too old or poor to flee the violence. much of eastern ukraine is under a cease-fire that has yet to take hold. the death of a russian opposition leader boris nemtsov, he was gunned down in the streets of moscow last night. kelly cope yeggkopiaga has the story. >> reporter: saying that the killing was linked to nemtsov's stance or ukraine, that it was politically motivated. he was working on a report about russia's possible involvement in ukraine and hours before his murder on the radio doing an interview denouncing president vladimir putin's ukraine policy. he called it unbelievably aggressive and fatal for our
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country. there's a lot of finger-pointing right now but no one is pointing directly at the kremlin. garry kasparov the former chess grand master living outside of rau'shee blamed the killing on an atmosphere of hatred and violence in his country. another opposition leader and prime minister said the country is rolling into the abyss. >> this absolutely beyond imagination. i cannot eastern understand even think about just even one day before. >> reporter: putin still has very strong support among the majority of russians and it's not clear this killing will have any direct impact on his popularity. he has vowed to pursue the killers and even sent a telegram offering condolences to nemtsov's mother. there's a lot of skepticism that the killers will be found and a lot of pressure from inside russia to get to the bottom of who was responsible. back to you. and here in the u.s. a
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legal fight to move the boston marathon bombing trial out of boston is now over. a federal appeals court late yesterday denied the request to halt tsarnaev's trial to another city. the case is high-profile but would not prevent jurors from being impartial. defense attorneys tried several times to move the trial. tsarnaev is facing the death penalty if convicted. coming up a first game at avaya stadium in the books. the game didn't count, but earthquake officials say they will count it as success. te you why, next. plus -- >> i can imagine him fighting for his life. >> a postal service policy delayed critical response to her husband's emergency. how that policy has changed after our investigation.
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when it rains in the bay area it usually snows in the
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sierra. snow galore on i-80 at the summit. remember to bring chains. tomorrow is a good day to hit the slopes we're told. some regions got more than six inches of powder from the most recent snow. >> great news. >> yeah. microclimate weather alert. >> still coming down in the sierra now. winter weather advisory through 10:00 tonight. the ski resorts near kirkwood a foot of fresh powder and still come downing. the best producing storm probably this winter. all the storms in december were warm, didn't drop a lot of snow. this one making a difference if you love skiing, great conditions awaiting you now finally heading towards sunday. right now 40s and 50s outside. still a few scattered showers, but the sun has set now. things are beginning to calm down. you can see that the intensity of the showers, the orange and red we had on the raydar going way. palo a lot oh east bay, pleasanton south of castro
8:20 pm
valley and union city showers to the south and west and into san jose a few showers earlier, but things are beginning to calm down. what's interesting about this system is that low to our south. these cells are rotating in in the flornlg eastnortheast and slowly rotating out. prompting the severe thunderstorm warning at about 7:00 tonight moving offshore and now that the sun has set the atmosphere is slowly beginning to stabilize. the rainfall totals highly variable on a day like this. roaming downpours. pvrp green, close where the hail came down almost half an inch. santa teresa, south of downtown a quarter ith of town and a lot falling in a short period of time. subbed, sunshine sunday, sunshine. one exception to the rule. look closely to the south. morgan hill and gilroy might see a stray shower for the afternoon, but sunday a lot calmer than the day we saw today as that low continues to move
8:21 pm
away from california. low to mid-60s around the south bay. los gatos, morgan hill, slight chance of a shower between 2:00 and 5:00 tomorrow. for san francisco highs in the mid-60s. north bay highs in the low to mid-60s for most places and then monday we're going to see another change as the system similar to this one drops down the coast. you see these showers firing up once again around some of the hilltops especially the south bay. we're going to put in a chance of showers, slight chance of thunder, too, as it has some of the same ingredients. cold air aloft, daytime heating, the weather picture into monday. tomorrow, again a bit of a break. monday, one more system coming in, then as high pressure builds temperatures are going to rise. second half of the week close to 70 in san jose. jump ahead to next weekend, looks a lot calmer than this one. highs close to 70 around the south bay next saturday, sunday too. partly cloudy skies. dry weather past monday. >> a lot of variety. thank you. appreciate it. the san jose earthquakes won
8:22 pm
their first game in their new home in avaya stadium pap preseason game that didn't count, team executives are studying how the game went. there are issues to be worked out. >> reporter: the big test today was crowd management. if you recall thing was a bit of a mess when levi stadium debuted six months ago. so avaya is testing things out with a soft launch making only 10,000 tickets available out of 18,000. >> a brand new stadium. why complain? >> reporter: more than two years in the making. finally, san jose earthquake fans have a new stadium fitting of a major league team. the facility itself got a big thumbs up. >> a fabulous place. i'm really looking forward to having a great season. i hope the team does a little better this year. >> reporter: traffic management got mixed reviews. long lines of cars could be seen a little coleman avenue.
8:23 pm
critics. stadium were afraid of this because there's only one major road in or out of asighasigh -- i via. if you got here early -- >> having a good time with friends knop traffic. exciting. easy to get here. >> reporter: but if you got here within the hour of the 2:00 game start it was miserable. some drivers were confused as to which of the four gates they should turn into. >> well it took me about 20 minutes to get three blocks and then i went into the v.i.p. by mistake. an extra ten minutes. so -- >> traffic bad? >> very bad. >> reporter: traffic got so jammed up off new hall drive, police to block off the turn lane into the coleman landings shopping center the confused drivers wouldn't go there and disrupt business. soccer fans an alternative, vta try add couple new lines to the stadium with information agents showing fans the way. judging by the traffic it didn't
8:24 pm
take muff convincing to hop on a bus. >> a good idea. with expensive parking. >> reporter: march 22nd is the official debut. that's the earthquake's home opener. all 18,000 seats have been sold. officials have three weeks to figure out all the kinks they learned from today. in san jose in anet miranda, nbc bay area news. time to check more sports. here's kelly johnson of comcast sportsnet. >> reporter: hello yes. lots going on. the sharks debt pris for a twoin stay in the playoff hunt hosting the senators now. an update from the tank plus the warriors against the celtics tomorrow. the details of the center's suspension next froms xfinity sportsdesk, after the break.
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the sharks longest home losing skid in nearly 20 years put the team in jeopardy of missing the playoffs first time in 11 years.
8:27 pm
breaking out of the funk loses seventh straight on home ice hosting the senators right now. head down to the tank for an update. it did not take long to get scoring started. first period action in front, gets the rebound. jams it home. sharks take the early lead. and battling in front of the net. keeping fighting and stays with it 13th goal of the season. 1-0 sharks. less than 20 seconds left in the first. two great saves to keep the sheet clean. sharks led 1-0 after the first but the senators have tied it up in the second. it is 1-1 right now at the tank. warriors news backup center suspended one game without pay after grabbing a player by the throat in the win over toronto friday night. both players ejected and serving his suspension sunday against the celtics. as for the ducks, despite the altercation, warriors
8:28 pm
improved to 2-2 on a 16 road trip and will finish the season with a winning record on the road. the doves visit the celtics tomorrow. today at practice the head coach emphasized the need to keep pushing. >> we just want to keep getting better. you know? got a great regular season. we know that the playoffs are much tougher. everybody's good. everybody is in tune defensively. and so we have to continue to strive to improve, and the the work we've put in each day, even if it's just a film session, or shoot-around, it's important. because it all adds up. >> now to college basketball. st. mary's and santa clara. the senior makes his first career start after brain surgery. late second half bright for three. pups up -- buries it. st. mary's by three. 11 seconds left. taking it to the rack. the pretty finish off the glass. broncos by one.
8:29 pm
and the last chance. fade away three off the back iron. santa clara win as thriller 71-70 the final. women's side. cal at oregon state, senior night for the beavers. second half wiese from downtown. makes it rain. moments later, another triple for wiese. sophomore had seven three pointers and oregon state beals cal 73-65 to climplg thench the title. and baseball. replacing pablo sandoval, a challenge on the field, but fitting in with new teammates is also an important part of mcgee's transition to the orange and black. >> as far as personality goes fits in fine with the team. that seems to be the case with a lot of people that come in here. i think the front office recognizes that and bring those people in. >> look at the names, it wasn't names that jumped off the paper, but after the fourth or fifth inning, look up down five and
8:30 pm
your helped spinning trying to figure out what just happened. a bunch of grinders. pitching staff and bull pen, wasn't anything to look forward to. so i'm definitely excited to be on the other side of it and playing behind those guys trying to figure out how to hit them. >> and took the lead 2-1 off a patrick march lowe goal in the second period at the tank. funny note. the suspension. teammates decided to have fun at his expense and draft add press release that said he would be suspended six games instead of one and included a fake quote from the warriors gm giving the backup center a bit of a scare before he'd learned he'd only miss tomorrow game against the celtics. always have to have a little fun. >> creative idea though. i love it. >> the way they do it fantastic. >> at each other's expense. >> yeah. official and everything. >> we love it. thanks kelly. coming up next congress has agreed on a temporary fix. this in the fight over funding homeland security.
8:31 pm
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congress reset the countdown clock in the fight over funding the department of homeland security. last night the senate and house agreed on a one-week extension. it only gives temporary peace of mind to 230 workers whose paychecks are on the line. >> reporter: with a little more than two hours to spare congress pass add funding bill keeping the department of homeland security and a bitter political battle running for another week. >> putting speaker banener incredibly tough position and all of us are scratching our heads saying, what's going to happen next? >> reporter: some house republicans refused to give up what they see as a valuable bargaining chip in the fight
8:34 pm
over the president's immigration reforms and executive orders. >> if you want to have a fight about immigration, have the debate, have the fight, let's debate. that's not what's happening here. >> reporter: the department of homeland security is in limbo another week and this latest war of wills isn't helping washington's reputation. >> it's being childish, because they are putting their individual goals or individual interests above the country's. and the country put them- office. >> reporter: meanwhile the clock is ticking down. again. with dhs funding scheduled to run out at midnight friday. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. lots of tired and frustrated travelers tonight at airports across the country. airlines canceled about 1,300 flights. in just the past 24 hours. some 5,000 passengers stranded at the dallas-ft. worth airport overnight and today waited in
8:35 pm
long lines after snow rain add ice grounded all planes. >> no patience left at this point. you try to be accommodating and nice. but they have run us off thin. we're all exhausted. and they don't have the enough people to help everybody. >> reporter: those canceled flights at the dallas airport caused 26 delays and cancellations in and out of sfo and the san jose international today. another wave of snow tonight in the midwest could wauz more cancellations through tomorrow. >> you feel their pain. don't you? in massachusetts, snow caused the roof of a skating rink to come down on a hockey team pap boys' hockey team was inside, parents watching when the roof gave way. near record snow levels led to more than 150 roof collapses this month across the state of massachusetts. customs agents at the border call it the second largest drug seizure ever in the u.s. 15 tons of marijuana discovered hidden inside a cargo trailer. these are the first pictures of
8:36 pm
that bust. it happened at the border south of san dag pe op the plastic wrapped packages have a street value somewhere around $19 million. the driver is being detained. and palo alto police are searching for a man who exposed himself to a young girl agency she walked her dog. the girral mother tells police her 11-year-old daughter pass add white man, mid-40s, driving a black volvo wearing nothing from the waist down. the man took off before the girl got the license plate. they plan to release a sketch tomorrow. a gas main leak closed part of highway 1 and caused evacuations tonight. firefighters responded to a natural gas leak just before noon. that prompts the closure of a near by seconds of 101 in both directions. a tractor struck a two-inch gas line. nobody hurt. highway 1 reopened about 3:00 this afternoon. pain at the pump an
8:37 pm
understatement as gas prices continued to climb. the average for a gallon of gas in california, about $3.32. that's up 9 cents from just yesterday, and 42 cents from a week ago. you can blame all of this on last week's explosion at a torrance refinery and also a labor dispute at the retinery in martinez. a look at bay area gas prices. this is what you will fork over. san jose $3.29 per gallon. s 3ds.35 in san francisco. and in oakland, it will cost you $3.27. get the app gas buddy? >> very helpful. >> you can save -- do a lot better than that. >> don't drive around too much. >> then you waste it. >> there you go. postal service in the bay area made a critical change to its 911 policy triggered by an investigative unit report. >> first exposed the policy that has ploems not call 911 first when there's a medical emergency. that's no longer the case. >> reporter: right. here it is in black and white. the first step in the policy
8:38 pm
statsd in an emergency anyone can call 911. instead of instructing people to call security first. it sounds so simple and obvious, but employees tell us for years the old policy led to serious delays in medical treatment. >> he worked there for 28 years. everybody loved him. >> reporter: in august co-workers found postal worker sam on his back down from an apparent head injury. his winchts it's so sad, because i can imagine him fighting for his life. >> we have an employee breathing -- >> reporter: no one saw wrapped to sam but co-workers reported finding him lying on the floor bleeding and unconscious sometime between 3:00 and 3:30 a.m. records so 911 dispatch didn't receive a call until 3:53. >> an hour wasted. >> reporter: according to an internal postal service
8:39 pm
investigation instead of calling 911 immediately, employees first called supervisors who call kd additional managers who eventually calmed the on-sight postal police who then called 911. why? because they were following the policy at the oakland postal facility. a policy that said only postal police are to initiate the 911 procedure. how long will it take to find out whether this policy will change? >> i can tell you they will be addressing this tomorrow. >> reporter: the postal service made good on its promise. we asked the communications director why employee was instructed not 20 call 911. by december postal leaders at the oakland facility reissue uded the medical emergency policy. the first line now reads, in an emergency, anyone should immediately call 911. and last month, they formally adopted it. the usps declined our repeated requests for an interview to discuss the new policy but told us the gravity of the concerns raised in our report prompted the change.
8:40 pm
>> it's heartbreaking, but because of it something good happened. >> reporter: andrew is a mail processing clerk and a shop steward for the american postal workers union. >> postal workers are dedicated people that want to serve the public. so they will step up and do more. sometimes it's to the detriment of their own health, because they care that much about what they do. >> reporter: he believes the new policy will save lives but says postal lead verse been slow in informing the 2,000 workers affected by t. i've asked several people at work whether or not they've gotten any information from their supervisor. some have, most have not. i would like to see every employee be given the information that the policy has been updated and like to see actual real training. dealing with potential scenarios that may happen on the work floor and how do we respond? >> reporter: sadly, the changes come too late for sam. his wife of 25 years is now a widow.
8:41 pm
>> he's losts is felt deeply in the post office. all co-workers say so. >> reporter: paramedics responded just seven minutes after the first call. no one can say if sam would have lived if they'd have called sooner but he not wake up from his coma. family members are relieved. >> he must be saying in heaven you're doing the right thing. he's proud. >> reporter: while there is a new policy at this facility in oakland, the national usps continues to decline our requests for comment about changes at the national level. that policy still instructs employees to call their health services office or security first. usps says it's to limit confusion and help direct paramedics. back to you. >> thank you. coming up next how a local company is getting breast cancer patients a chance to live longer. plus -- >> identify locating and safeguarding these historical
8:42 pm
treasures. >> just like "indiana jones" searching for lost art. >> the area proud takes you on a treasure hunt coming up. still tracking showers across the bay area tonight after a wild day in the south bay hills and around daly city. this evening, more potential for thundershowers in the forecast. a look at that when we come right back.
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
a breakflew a fight against breast cancer pap new therapy developed here in the bay area prolonging the lives of patients by more than 16 months. we have the report and doctors say it is unprecedented. >> reporter: michelle avery was diagnosed with breast cancer in september 2013. doctors told her her cancer was aggressive and spreading quickly i. had cancer all through my spine and my hipbones and high too many liver lesions to be able to count.
8:45 pm
>> reporter: her doctors elected for a treatment found to be positive in breast cancer including one-fifth of breast cancer patients avery was overwhelmed. >> then to learn, okay for the rest of your life you're going to, every three weeks, going to have to do these infusions. i thought, who could do that? but, it's okay. >> reporter: instead of using just chemotherapy doctors added two more drugs. when this was tested it expanding the patient's life expectancy by more than a year. >> this is the kind of discovery that's unprecedented. we just don't see anything like this. >> reporter: uncommon because most breakthroughs only add add few months to life expectancy. the study found patients given the cocktail of drugs lived nearly five years compared to the usual life span of two to three years. >> women treated with this therapy high will never relapse.
8:46 pm
their disease controlled forever. an incurable disease in some patients will become curable. >> reporter: they were developed at bay area-based genentech. pointing out the therapy isn't new to most doctors, but the clinical trials showing its effectiveness is. the findings recently published in the new england journal of medicine. >> the study itself is really the result of many years of research here at genentech. in fact about 30 years, and really trying to understand what drives a subset of breast cancers. >> reporter: the drugs may not be for everybody. it costs about $11,000 a month, and insurance companies cover some patients and genentech has a program to help people who can't afford it. for michelle avery, all of those tumors and lesions have disappeared. she'll continue treatment under doctor's orders and said it's been life-changing. >> it's been a year and a half
8:47 pm
and so far it's been great. >> reporter: ian cole nbc bay area news. a big story here in the bay area today, the weather. ski buffs and snowboarders photos from heavenly ski resort. a half foot of snow has fallen over the past 24 hours. a welcome sight. need a lot more to catch up to normal ledges slevels or anything close to it. there wasn't enough snow to keep things going earlier. >> watching so of people post pictures going to tahoe. you see them on the chair lift with no snow underneath the chair lift. finally, rob, looking like they'll get that snow. >> we saw the snow fill in and around here what looked like snow across parts of the bay area but that was heavy hail with slow-moving storms. krt cell that prompt add severe thunderstorm warning earlier. to give you an idea how big the hail is, a shot showing the hail that's in his palm. once it gets up to about a
8:48 pm
quarter size the size of that hail or wind gusts over 58 miles per hour shsome of the criteria to issue a severe thunderstorm. 's in this case hail. falling for a long period of time in the hills. in the east coated the hill there in white and it was kind of nice that it did happen on a saturday. we have bonny medinah's daughter lori and her granddaughter lily enjoying the hail up in the hills east san jose this afternoon. again, school kidsw u may get a chance tone joy that given it didn't happen on weekday. the cell moved slowly. 5 to 10 miles per hour. normally they go 20 to 40 miles per hour or faster and weaken rapidly. this thing slowly moved often to the south and west to coat the hills. the hail east of san jose. towards daly city similar scenario. this cell moving a little more quickly but enough to drop quite a bit of hail around pacifica. and a sfufk thunderstorm warning expired just before 7:00. from that system there, notice
8:49 pm
things have calmed down right now. we've lost the heating of the dpap the one-two punch. the warming below. the cooling above that took place and low dropped over the bay area. showers continue to shut down. now the tri-valley starting to dry out. san jose catching a break in action as most of the moisture heads out over the ocean and the trend as we get into your sunday will be more sunshine with one slight exception to the rule. it could happen down around morgan hill in gym roye for the afternoon. a few clouds building up. east of morgan hill. slight chance of a shower tomorrow, most of the bay area catching a bit of a break, highness the low to mid-60s for tomorrow. north bay, mid-60s. livermore seeing highness the mid-60s, too. notice for monday another one of the cold systems dropping down the coast. couple that with the heating of the day. possibly a similar setup, especially for the south bay hills. monday afternoon another chance of showers at times and after that system clears the rest the week looks warmer and dry. for your monday include more
8:50 pm
showers a bit of break tomorrow and numbers closer to 70 by the time we head towards wednesday and thursday. back to you. >> boy, that looks great. thank you, rob. during the great depression back in the 1930s the federal government put millions of americans back to work building bridges, dams and monuments. >> if you were put to work making art those treasures likely would have been lost if not for the efforts of the people in our next story. garvin thomas is here's with our bay area proud. >> reporter: when you hear someone call the history detective, they usually aren't a real detective, but michael ramos is. she a special agent with the united states general services administration meaning he normally catches bad guy whose waste taxpayer money or steal government property. he's been on the path a few years, doesn't quite fit that mold. what. is, is our bay area proud. the tarngts of starget of his investigation, could be found at the grand avenue branch of the south san
8:51 pm
francisco public library. the fact the objects of his search were just hanging around hiding in plain sight as it were were -- >> exhibits by sophie brannen. >> reporter: didn't make their discovery any less sweet for mike. >> so when i first walked in here i saw that and got goose bumps. >> reporter: these two paintings by the late artist sophie bran weren't just the beginning of what mike found's in back room basements and behind boxes, a dozen other works of art, all with one thing in common. ♪ at the height of the great de depression depression, the works progress administration or wpa put millions back to work. that include air forces. hundreds of,000 of people commissioned placed in publicupaj spaces like libraries all over the country. the government then promptly lost track of most of them. >> sometimes records were non-existent. facilities close. administrations change and they
8:52 pm
lose track of the artwork regard few years ago mike's bosses at the administration decided to track down the lost works of art. they reached out to mike and mike started reaching out to others. way few bumps along the way. >> and i have to say when i first got the e-mail i just looked at mike's job title and i thought, oh my gosh. what have i done? >> reporter: with the san mateo county library was soon onboard happily showing mike more than 50 works of wpa art they stored in their attic. >> a lot of people are pax it about wpa. once you're able to make the connection to them you've essentially have another investigators on your side. >> reporter: mike says all of this has been time well spent. the more than 150 pieces of taxpayer property his office tracked down are valued at close to $3 million. not to mention the value of making sure once lost pieces of
8:53 pm
american history, don't stay that way. >> there's a lot of work to be done. and we look forward to continuing the journey. >> and a long journey it's going to be. mike says of the estimated 200,000 works of art created by the wpa, they've only been able to identify about 20,000 to 30,000 of them. to be clear, mike says the government doesn't take the pieces away. just catalog them and make sure they know where they are. coming up a mother with five kids and a silent house. >> i got see that. we introduce to you a woman who can finally hear her children for the very first time.
8:54 pm
check out my breakfast! i got eggs... sausage... ham... bacon... cheese... and toasted sourdough bread. uh, mine's easier. mmm... (eating sounds) do you know that guy? get a load of jack's loaded breakfast sandwich. what's on it? what's not on it? two freshly cracked eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, and cheese all on toasty sourdough made just for you. it's like a big ol' breakfast buffet right in your hand.
8:55 pm
well it's a feat for any mother buy five children at home. for one indiana mom who had hearing loss almost all of her
8:56 pm
life, their noise is a welcome sounds. she can fully hear all five of her children thanks to the miracle ear foundation supporting families not ale to a ford high quality hearing aids. lorin miner was there when the woman got hear her kids for the first time. >> oh. you've been approved honey. >> reporter: it's the news mother melissa santos had been waiting for. >> i just couldn't believe it. >> reporter: she qualified for new hearing aids through the miracle ear foundation. giving her something she had been missing most of her life. her hearing. >> i don't even know words can describe not being able to hear your child. >> affects everything from arguing for your spouse because that's not what you said honey, to withdrawing from situations. >> reporter: but on friday, that all changed. ♪
8:57 pm
>> reporter: 4-year-old kiley sang the song "let it go" a moment melissa will never forget. >> i love to sing. my family sings, and -- being able to sing would be wonderful. >> reporter: something else she's looking forward to -- getting home and hearing all five of her kids. something many take for granted. >> you don't know what they're up to. usually when you hear nothing, you go running. well, for me, that's quite often. >> my three children talk all the time, and you learn to tone it out. she wants to hear what they have to say. >> reporter: friday melissa's whole world change and it goes to show how something so little for us can mean so much for someone else. >> i always tell my husband, because he can hear so well that he has ears of gold.
8:58 pm
because to me it is. >> that is such a good reminder. the kids who were making so much noise, such a good reminder what a bleszing to be able to hear them. >> can't imagine what it's like not to hear. you do take it for granted. a check in with rob one more time. >> losings ring a lot of the instability from generated the stronger showers. tomorrow a break in the action but then another cold system dropping in monday bringing more showers and possibly a little more thunder there, too, monday afternoon. >> all right. stay tuned. the investigative unit special is next. see you at 11:00.
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
tonight, we investigate -- disaster preparedness. >> how would you feel if were you a patient at one of those hospitals? >> well, i -- >> bay area hospitals. will they hold up during the next big quake? the state data that shows who's prepared. >> we're out of water. we are potentially out of water. >> reporter: the system of canals that makes clean drinking water possible in the bay area. why most of these levees need big fixes. >> what do you think the biggest vulnerabilities are when it comes to hazmat responses? >> there's a lot of challenges.


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